Residents and business owners here in Parrish count on Red Dog’s Roofing for all of their roofing needs. We’re proud to offer all-inclusive roofing services for homeowners and building owners throughout the area. We offer roofing installation services, as well as roofing repairs and replacements, and we work with a variety of roofing materials for both sloped roofs as well as low- and no-slope roofs. Learn more about our individual services and the roofing materials in which we specialize, below — or if you’re ready to get your roofing project started, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!


Roofing installations are a snap when you count on the team here at Red Dog’s Roofing. We’re proud to work with local homeowners, developers, and contractors to craft superb roofing structures that are designed to protect your property for decades. Again, we work with both residential and commercial properties, and we can install roofs made of asphalt shingles, clay tile, metal, slate, composite slate, rubber roofs, TPO roofs, PVC roofs, modified bitumen roofs, torch down roofing, and we can apply roof coating.

Replacements & Repairs

For all the aforementioned roofing materials, we also provide replacement and repair services. If you’ve noticed that your roof is leaking, or it’s simply time for scheduled maintenance, we can help. We’ll stop by, assess your roof and any damage that it has endured, and we’ll get to work with the fix. It’s our goal to ensure that your roof performs as it should for years on end.

Our Residential Roofing Materials

We work with nearly every residential roofing material on the market, including asphalt shingles, clay tile, metal, slate, and composite slate. Learn more about what we can do for your home:

Asphalt Shingles: Red Dog’s Roofing has partnered with Owens Corning® — a premier asphalt shingle manufacturer — to install roofs that last and last. Owens Corning shingles are affordable, yet unbelievably durable, which is why we can provide an excellent warranty on any Owens Corning roofs that we work on.

On top of our Owens Corning installations, we also provide repairs for existing roofs. And, of course, we can completely remove your existing roofing material and install a new set of shingles if you need a complete roof overhaul.

Clay Tile Roofing: Clay tile roofing is a common roofing solution here in Florida for both its performance and aesthetic. We can install clay tile on your roof, and we can repair and chipped, cracked, or missing tiles that your currently have.

Metal Roofing: Metal roofing is another of our many specialties. We work with metal roofs that are rusted out, dinged, poorly installed, or bent out of shape, and we can install brand new metal roofs as well.

Slate Roofs: Slate roofs require extra attention, for both installations and repairs. When installing a slate roof, it’s imperative that the roof structure is checked, to ensure that it is sound enough to hold the weight of such a heavy roofing material. Plus, if your slate should ever require repairs, it’s important to be careful not to chip or crack the existing tiles, since they become thinner and more brittle over time. With Red Dog’s, you can trust that your roof will be installed properly, and our repairs will stand the test of time.

Composite Slate Roofing: Composite slate roofing is relatively new to the market, but it’s proving to be a valuable roofing material. We can install and repair composite slate roofing on your home.

Our Commercial Roofing Materials

With Red Dog’s Roofing, you’ll never have to worry about the roof over your head. We install superb commercial roofs for business owners throughout Parrish, and we work with nearly every low- and no-slope roofing material available, including rubber roofs, TPO roofs, PVC roofs, modified bitumen roofs, torch down roofing, and roof coatings. Count on us for repair and installation services on the roof over your business.

Count on Red Dog’s Roofing of Florida

Folks trust the crew here at Red Dog’s Roofing because we have the experience and knowledge necessary to craft long-lasting roofs. If you live here in Parrish, give us a call for your next roofing project. We’d be happy to schedule an appointment with you to discuss your vision for your roof.